Boldly I Go Inc. is an Australian based Charity.  A ‘boutique’ size, small enough to keep our overheads down and build relationships with our children, carers and sponsors, in effect, one big family.  

Unlike the larger charities we have minimal overheads; thereby ensuring the money given is used for its intended purpose.  Supporters are welcome to visit their children on our yearly visits, which is a unique experience off the tourist track, life changing for all involved.


We have been working in the rural towns of and surrounding Nyahururu, Kenya since 2008. Through this time we have established a good relationship and trust with our families and the local community.


The region around Nyahururu is mainly agricultural with a population of approx. 36,450 people.  Elevated 2,303m above sea level, it is popular as a training centre for Kenyan's famous marathon runners. The climate is temperate but can become quite cold. Nyahururu is 200km north of Nairobi.


Boldly our Sponsored Children go on to accomplish their future hopes and dreams, now possible through the love and support of their Australian Sponsors.

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