Income Generating Programs

Boldly I Go Inc. has a range of training and small projects to assist carers become self-sufficient, join us and not only make a difference, but be the difference.

Carers of the children range from mothers who are HIV+, aged grandmothers, a relative or foster carer.

All are living day to day, most without income, relying on well-wishers.  There is no social welfare in Kenya.  Through separate fundraising and donations received, Boldly I Go Inc. engages in small projects with the carers, such as goats, chickens and financing educational courses, all aimed at empowering the caregiver to become self-sufficient.



1 female goat is capable of supplying up to 5 litres of milk per day. The milk is rich in nutrients and easily digested. Milk can be consumed by the family and excess sold to generate a small income.  Offspring can also be sold or bred to increase family wealth.


Cost of one Dairy Goat is AUD$130 


Cost of housing for one Dairy Goat AUD$250



Indigenous Kenyan Chickens can produce approx. 150 - 180 eggs per year.  All eggs not used to feed the family are sold for a good profit.

With basic training in caring for the chickens, guidance to instruct on managing finances from sales, care and basic veterinary needs, chicken businesses can be profitable.


Cost to set up 1 family with 20 chickens, a chicken coup and starter food is AUD$600.


Some carers have access to small plots of land.

By supplying seed, fertilizer and assistance in planting it can be the start of continual produce, which can be consumed and excess sold.


Cost to supply potato/corn or other suitable seeds, fertilizer, fencing etc. for small plot   $200

Solar Lighting

Our children live at home in very basic conditions, without electricity.  Solar lamps are a simple, cheap solution to allow the children to study in the evening after their chores are finished.


Cost of 1 solar light is $30.

Income Generating Programs 

Training Courses

Boldy I Go Inc. partners with other charitable organisations to provide free information courses on HIV, general health and welfare.


There are many other training courses available for those leaving school and also carers wanting to get some basic training to enable them to get a job.


Basic courses such as hair-braiding & beauty start at around $950 for 18 mths, Basic Computer literacy courses giving them qualifications to work in a supermarket or office are around $500 or less.  University studies vary, but roughly $1,500 - $2,000+ per year. 


We commit to put every school leaver through a basic course which we do by paying monthly to the RTOs.  

University courses for those who have excelled are only available at this time from extra fundraising and generosity from our valued donors.  Our goal is to make this opportunity available to every graduating student.