B.I.G. Boldly I Go Inc. is a registered Australian Charity (ABN 69709169056), yearly audits of our financials are conducted by a qualified Australian Accountant, then reported to the Australian Taxation Office and Australian Charities and Not For Profits Commission.  We are DGR registered and all donations are Tax Deductible.


A strict ‘no cash handout’ policy applies to our work in Kenya.  All school fees and other payments are made directly and receipts supplied, through our employed Field Officer. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I write to my sponsored child?

A. Absolutely. 

Though we do not supply email addresses of our carers, but we do forward your email or scanned copy of your letter to our Field Officer who then personally delivers the letter.


Q. Will I receive correspondence from my child?

A. Yes.  Yearly trips are taken to Nyahururu, during these visits children provide letters and drawings for their sponsors.

This child is part of your extended family and we encourage support from both sides!


Q. Can I send money directly to my child and carer?

A. We do not encourage any money 'handouts'.  Money that is not earnt can bring with it many problems, especially with extended family pressure.


Q. Are my donations tax deductible.

A. YES.  We are DGR registered.  All donations are tax deductible.  Yearly receipts are given at the end of each financial year.


Q. How will I know my child is attending school and their progress?

A. Our Field Officer visits each school to pay the fees every term.  At this time the progress of the child is checked and in most cases, reports produced.

Photos and regular feedback is provided for each child.  These are then forwarded to our sponsors.


Q. Can I send clothes and gifts to my sponsored child?

A. Sadly, the cost of postage can be more than the value of the gift.  Should you wish to purchase a particular item for your child, please contact us and we can arrange for this to be purchased and given to your child.  Bearing in mind there are often other siblings and we need to take their feelings into consideration when gifts are given so that jealousy does not cause problems for the sponsored child.


Q: How do I start my sponsorship?

A: Send us an email with your contact details, we will be in touch to share with you photos of children needing sponsorship, along with information on monthly sponsorship setup.