Invest in getting your brand involved. If your organisation is looking for a transparent and effective boutique charity to add to their CSR program.

The benefits of businesses embracing “Corporate Social Responsibility” humanitarian support is well researched and proven.  Charitable giving also changes the culture of an organisation, boosting not only sales but productivity with greater employee engagement and morale.


By partnering with Boldly I Go Inc., you and your customers are supporting an ‘empowering charity’ model.  This in turn provides benefit not only to your organisation, but also children in great need; truly a life-giving gift.


Boldly I Go Inc. is a fully audited, transparent ‘boutique’ humanitarian Charity.  We can show you where the money goes; straight to the children and the projects tailored to empower their lives. 


Unlike larger charities, we have small overheads and employ local field officers, which enables us to have relationship with our supporters and children. 


Contact us to see how partnering with Boldly I Go Inc. can benefit your business.   We have many options available promoting your brand and enhancing your CSR in the market place.

Corporate Social Responsibility

If you're interested in getting your brand involved